Be your own boss. We'll pair you with mid to small business clients, for dedicated, long-term engagements for a flat fee.

Choose your availability for general in-house counsel, and work as much or as little as you would like. Build a career you love.

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What you need to balance life and work

You need a consistent, controllable work-flow but with the independence and freedom to choose a work-life balance that works for you. No more hourly billing where you have to live with the ethical consequences of trying to keep track of 6-minute billable increments.
You want to provide excellent legal services to your clients without the distractions of “rainmaking,” firm politics, or bill collections. You want to concentrate on what you do best: great client service and excellent lawyering.

What there was until now…

Traditional law firms with joy-killing atmospheres and the grind of billable hours. Or a small private practice with the pressures of reaching quality clients and managing all the non-legal aspects of a firm – from marketing to bill collections. Even existing platforms for online legal services do not solve these problems.
NoGranite is here to help.

The Solution

NoGranite will individually pair you with clients who need consistent, experienced, high-quality legal services to meet their interstate and international legal needs. You choose your monthly time commitment and we’ll match you with clients whose needs align with your availability.
You will always be able to choose who you work with, and you will always receive a consistent monthly flat fee. NoGranite is the modern, comfortable SaaS solution for fractional general counsel legal services, we even provide document storage and a chat feature. You are in charge of the lawyer-client relationship, billing is directly and solely between you and the client, we just provide and facilitate your billing services.

The Promise

Our expert team will work with you, free of charge, to ensure that you are paired with all the clients you want and that your clients are the right fit for you. Our monthly platform fee is on a pay-per-use basis so you only pay when you get paid.
All work is done remotely. So instead of your legal fees paying the high overhead of a gleaming office neither you nor your clients want, you take that difference home and work from wherever you’d like – even from the beach.

Choose your monthly time commitment from the range below to meet your ideal work-life balance.


Ethical, Innovative, Liberating

Take our short questionnaire so we can get to know you, and we’ll be in touch to set up an interview with us.

How does it work?

We Get Clients for You and We Do All the Administrative Work to Help You Keep Them

You will be paired, based on your chosen availability and expertise, with businesses with matching legal needs for an initial consultation. If you and your client decide to work together, start a three-day trial right away. After which, if you are both still satisfied, you will receive your first monthly flat fee.

You will never have to engage in any shameless self-promotion on our platform, prospective clients only evaluate one lawyer at a time. If your client moves on, we’ll try to pair you with another one, and if your client is dissatisfied for any reason, we’ll help you resolve that, to the extent possible.

You are our customer, and we are here to make your fractional in-house counsel experience lasting and rewarding.

We will always have your back on the administrative end, no matter how many clients you have. Whether it's billing, marketing, or managing the non-legal aspects of the client relationship.

Seamless, Consistent, and Ethical Billing

When you pay our monthly per-client platform fee you get access to a full-suite of administrative services and we even manage the entire fee collection process for you. You will never be charged a platform fee unless you are paid your monthly flat fee and we’ll make sure you get paid.

From the second year on, we’ll also reduce our platform fee significantly for each year of continued service to a client, for up to four years.

The platform fee only increases in proportion to your use so that you will never take home a lower fee, calculated per hour, no matter how many hours you work or how many clients you have.

You want more ethical billing and we agree with you. So clients will have a cushion for an overage of up to 15% above their hourly allowance but you will also get the same monthly flat fee even when you work less. We are not bashful to say what all lawyers know: Billing in 6-minute increments isn’t accurate, and doesn’t incentivize a healthy lawyer-client relationship.

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